World Def’er

World Def’er (Pronounced World Defender) is a retro-inspired space shooter. The world has fallen into chaos as it is being invaded by an evil enemy present. Your mission is to free us from this threat before our planet and your loved one fall to this evil presence. So, will you have the strength to enlist and protect us or will you fold to the pressures of this threat?

Your main weapon in this fight is a ship that you crafted using spare parts from your family garage. You have poured your heart and soul into this ship and got it us and running. It may not be the greatest tool for this job, but it is quite capable of taking down many of these ships. In doing this you are approached and asked to join the World Def’er Force. This task force has the armory and ability to eliminate all incoming planetary threats. So go out and help The WDF and defend your planet!

  • Publisher

    GhostszMusic INC

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    Rating Pending

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World Def’er

World Def'er (Pronounced World Defender) is a retro-inspired space shooter. You must man a ship and defend the planet from evil alien invaders.

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