Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in regarding GhostszMusic INC and all subsidiaries that may fall under the GhostszMusic INC banner. This policy is to inform you (the user) of all information collected by website, app, or game. That information is as follows:

  1. User general information such as name, birthday, gender, and email address.
  2. User purchase data will be collected only if the user chooses to purchase merch from the site.
  3. Game information is gathered. This data is total game time, crash data, achievements, and high scores.

Information Collection, Usage, and Sharing

What is collected?

The information that is collected is personally identifiable such as email, full name, gender and birthday. This is the same information collected when using any social sign-in method i.e. Google and Facebook.

The only other data that may be collected is address, credit, debit or PayPal. This is only collected if the user wants to make a purchase of merch from the store.

What is being used?

This information is only used for allowing users to get personalizes emails and discounts. This data is also used for analytic purposes such as creating better content. This data is always kept confidential and anonymous.

What is being shared?

No information is shared with any third party!

Your Access to and Control Over Information

This information can be accessible to you by heading to your profile settings or game settings. This information collected can be opted out of at any time and is initially opt-in until opted out. When the account is deleted this data will be deleted and can’t be recovered.


We at GhostszMusic INC take very precaution measures to ensure that your data/information is very protected.

The way we ensure this is to make sure that our site is completely secure using the “HTTPS” in the front of your site. To make sure check the lock on the address bar. If you don’t see this lock please email or call us immediately. We also use encryptions when sending or receiving your data to ensure that no one can access this data.

If you feel that we may not be upkeeping our policies and want to tell us about it, you can always contact us. Phone: (516) 654-5139 | Email:

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