The Problem with Business and Mobile Payment Solution
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • January 6, 2017


The other day I went into a Target store and wanted to pay for my items. I waiting in line and asked the lady before she started to scan my items if the store supported Android Pay. She didn’t know and asked the manager. I then was told no because Target is trying to create their own mobile payment wallet like Walmart did. I looked puzzled and had to look it up. Now to my surprise that this was true. On top of that more companies and store are doing the same thing. Which is getting their developers to create the same apps?  


The Problem with This

Now let me start expanding on that topic. All these payment apps and solutions are just confusing the market and are pissing off the consumer. For all that believe that this is just a Target problem, it really isn’t. It’s an e-commerce problem! I would like you to think about it from a less tech savvy stance this is just confusing and ridiculous. Think of it like this if had to enter your card (credit or debit) in about 10 to 15 apps, would you do that or just use your card? This is what the businesses and/or corporations don’t type into mind. They only care about their bottom line and not about the consumer, who wants to spend the money at their store with ease.

The worst part of these type of practices is that you are asking the consumer and/or customer to put all their faith and trust in you. Which that is the hardest thing for people to do? Especially if you are a company that is in the news about having customers’ information being stolen. To ensure to all your customers that you can keep their information safe and out of hand of malicious people. Especially in the day of age of hacking and doxxing of private information.


The Solution

For all these corporations, there is only one real solution for this is to just use the tools that are already in place and proven. Which could be Apple Pay, Android Pay, or even PayPal to give the customer options. Most importantly if you want to earn the trust of your customers and not force them to use an unproven and potentially harmful software.

The moral of this article is work with tools and software that is proven tested and adopted by all companies. Please stop trying to reinvent the wheel and forcing your solutions on your consumer base. If you do want to make these tools and/or software, you would have to slowly integrate it while using and supporting existing software and/or technologies.


So, tell me what you think about Target and other companies not supporting payment solutions. Do you think that it’s better for companies to create their own systems and not support others?


Addition Information:

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