Are Sponsorships Really That Bad?
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • June 2, 2017


To properly answer this question we first must answer what a sponsor/sponsorship is. Sponsors are a form of advertisement that two parties enter to have the first party then starts to showcase the product or service. Now that we have this definition we can dive right into this topic.

The Pros/Cons

When it comes to any type of agreement like this or just between two parties, sometimes it can make things better or it can go horribly wrong. It going to come down to who is taking and giving these sponsor deals. Make sure to take all reviews, sponsors, or other deals with a grain of salt. Best thing to do honestly your best bet is to try or test run the items and or service yourself. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of sponsorships.

The Pros

The pros list for a sponsorship are good for all parties involved, that includes you the viewer/reader. The reason for this is that you get to learn more about a product that you may haven’t been exposed to. Which then helps the party that is telling you about it. This may be monetary, or by getting new and exciting products before the world. Then the company can acquire new sales or new loyal customers. As you can tell it’s just become a giant support chain for your favorite content creators.
Next the biggest pros for you the viewer is the this also helps the content creator to continue creating amazing content for free. This can be seen by the content creators on sites like YouTube. Then the cycle can continue and help you all find products very much needed or can help you in the future.

The Cons

Now it’s time to discuss the cons about sponsorships. I know that there can be some rotten apples in the bunch that will try and takes advantage of their audience. In no way shape or form am I trying to condone this type of practice I just want to open your eyes that not all sponsorship are bad. So with that out of the way let’s talk about the cons.
In some or many instances content creator will use their power and influences to get purchases of not so great products. If you would like an example of this we would have to go back to the Warner Bros Middle-earth: Shadow of Middle Mordor fiasco. This was the product getting a sponsorship from Warner Bros and not disclosing the agreements. Then what made things worst that they weren’t allowed to give the game any negative press. Which just added to the shady business practice on everyone’s part.
This has happened many times before hence why before I stated that to try out or make up your own opinions before making any purchasing decision. So next time you see someone sponsorship please take caution and only purchase the item if it is quality and valuable to you.

Now that we dissected the sponsorship question, now it’s time for a true answer. So is sponsorship a bad thing, in my opinion, it has its places and sometimes it no worth it. The reason I say this is that if the sponsorship doesn’t provide any good to someone then it not even worth the headache. Especially if it is done in a way that is misleading which is illegal. This doesn’t help and shouldn’t even be entertained by anyone. However, if it is a worthy product and the consumer is properly educated about the product or service than it worth it. So as I stated it a good and bad thing at times but it helps businesses grow.

So why not tell us how you feel about sponsors, are they worth it?

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