How to Start Your First Game, The Struggle as Indies and Blogging | Coding Bits Podcast
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • March 24, 2018


Many of us indie devs get lost in the concept of creating the best game and never answer how to start my first game. Which I pretty sure that many of us can agree on that point. This is why we decided to tackle that very important question through our own experiences through how we choose to start our games.Next, we choose to tackle the importance of creating a blog for your business. This is an idea that some devs usually have to think of when starting out. This allows us to showcase our skills as well as track the progress we are making.

Last we discuss the struggle as indie developers. This is a struggle we will all face starting and even some will see it as a stigma. I say to embrace it and show them what we have and can provide as indie devs.

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