Are Square Enix Enemies of Fans?
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • December 8, 2015


For years I truly never wanted to talk about this topic but Square Enix has been pushing my limits close to break. Over the years I have been with them through the highs and lows. At one time I regarded them as much as my love for Nintendo. However, sadly no more. I have been criticizing them ever since Final Fantasy XII. They have just wanted to make money of the back of us gamers while giving nothing to the fans that made them.

I bring all this up because of the FFVII remake coming out on the PS4. I was hyped but I have a lot caution about it. Due to the fact that Square Enix have lately been going the same route of Ubisoft, EA, and Konami. Release after release it’s the same, them trying to push a new idea that is trying to make us spend more than $100 on a game. Deues Ex is the best example of this with their augment pre-order non sense. For all that don’t remember it, Deues EX had a Kickstarter type of practice where you PRE-ORDER your copy but the more people that also pre-ordered it will unlock more content or push the release day sooner. However, the gamers were too smart to fall for this practice and made Square Enix cancel this scam quickly. If you want another example just look at the new Tomb Raider game. It’s completely filled with micro transaction that can tip the balance of the game, this is according to EuroGamer. Don’t see it yet now let move to what had me write about this topic, FFVII is Squares biggest title. It is one of those title that fans of RPGs fought Square Enix for years to make a remake ever since the teaser trailer back for the PS3. Square just seemed to have so many reason why this could be done. Now we have our game but it’s episodic which means that you will be forking out money on just parts that Square Enix sees fit. We know them so I see them charging $300+ just for the base game and another $200+ for DLC and maybe micro transactions.

I really don’t want to be completely negative about the game because I love Final Fantasy and FFVII but I just can’t trust Square Enix. If this works out for them I can guarantee that we will see this happen to Kingdom Hearts next or maybe a Chronotrigger remake. See why it’s just so hard to picture this being a good thing for us, the gamers. However, we will just have to see if Square can get it’s shit straight but again I doubt it.

Time to sound out in the comment section below! Tell me what you thing is going to happen or will Square Enix learn their lesson with this and fix itself.

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