Why social matters for game development

As a developer one of the most valuable assets at our fingertips is visibility. The more eyes we have on our projects we can start to gauge the excitement and plan accordantly. This is why we must start mapping out how we want to tackle our social branding, marketing, and reach from day one. Without this massive step, we are more likely to fail. So now that we have gotten that said let start diving deeper into using social media for game development. 

Start Thinking Big 

Social Media is a massive place where millions and maybe even billions of people gather around discussing topics that interest them. Think about your favorite game studio, it could be Bethesda, Xbox, PlayStation, or Sega, and think about the last time that you visited one of their account(s). Think about how many people did you see sharing, liking, and/or commenting. Ever wonder how you can get your account(s) to the same height that their account(s)? 

It’s hard but not impossible you just have to be willing and patient. Especially if you know what your audience loves. The best way I have ever heard it call was feeding your audience what they want. Just like our beloved Fat Princess. We must feed our audience as much as they can handle. By doing so we can forge a greater connection with them and lead to more consumer trust. Which will lead to more sales, conversions, or leads. 

Showing what you believe in 

On social one of the greatest tools, we have is that you get to curate what is shown off to the world. You get to handcraft a feed that is complementary to what you/the brand cares about. Start thinking like it’s your show and focus on what key message that your audience needs to know all about. It could be the project that you just started you are all hyped about. Or it could be about what you ate last week. Just make sure that you are owning what is on there. 

This is the key way to earn and make sure that you can keep the hype for that project until it’s time to release that project to the world. As much as it seems fun, just know that social media for your brand is a very great marketing tool and is one of the most important tools that we as developers have. It allows us to get our ideas to millions of people and can generate super hype. 

So why not sound off in the comments below, how are your social media accounts working for you?

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