GhostszMusic Website Update #1
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • October 22, 2016


GhostszMusic website is being updated soon. Before I can update and activate the new look I would like to tell you about it first.

Why a New Design

The reason for a new design is because I wanted to bring only the best to you all. The new design is going to in compass a totally interactive design that will showcase your skills and my games. My focus is on you guys and making this site a fun and playful place.

I want this place to be a better experience for all the users. I want this to be the one and only site that you all want to go and stay on for hours either learning or hanging out with new friends over the scores that your scoring.

What are features are being added?

The first feature that is going to be added is social sign in and Android/iOS achievement display. These features will act like the PSN or Xbox sites where you can check what your current score and/or achievement are. I want to showcase your skills and abilities as gamers/customers of my games.

The next feature is a better way to find the content you want faster. I am working on features that make sense to the over-all design element of the site. One such way is by adding subscribe buttons under all YouTube post that will display view count, and some other stats. This way if I feature someone video it will have a way to shout out the creator or creators in that post.

Lastly for now I will be adding game section where you can play games that I have created. These games will be demo and full fledged title. These games will also affect you GhostszMusic achievements.

What is done so far?

The features that are finished is the basic design and blog entries pages, with the home page. Some features on these pages are a better design and layout. I also added on the blog post page a suggest more content display at the bottom of the page. The suggestion is made by the tags on the post.

I have a basic social sign in for Google however, it doesn’t now it can’t talk to the server. Once that is complete I will release it for you all. However, I am working on a new way to get you information to the server.

I can’t wait to unveil it to the world and you all, my friend and family. Tell me what you are excited about the new design.

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