Unity’s New Input System is Amazing
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • March 6, 2023


Over the last couple of days, I have been working on some test projects in Unity. Mainly to better understand Unity’s new input system. If you didn’t know Unity has created a new input system that simplifies Input for all control types. Meaning that the same input you would use for Xbox would work if you configured it for mobile very easily and effortlessly. Which is amazing for us developers!  

One of the main benefits that I have found is just how versatile it is. The main test project that I was testing it on is one that if you have been a longtime fan of the YouTube channel you may remember. It was my canceled OUYA GTA clone. I deconstructed it and reconstructed It using Unity’s input system and found out how easy it was. All I needed to do was just add a couple of lines of code for reusability and it was working like a charm.  

How it works  

So, the way it works is that Unity allows you to blind the button, joystick, trigger, or shoulder button to an action. This action can have multiple bindings like different types of controls like an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Their system also has a wide range of gamepad types which also include mobile input. As well as just a technological breakthrough to just create one control type and have it work on so many different platforms and controller types.  

One key feature that I have been taken advantage of is that I can allow users to play my projects from the website using Xbox controllers. This is a huge level up because I have been trying to find a solution that would allow for this. Many solutions wouldn’t be able to let me get done. So, it’s great to see a key feature being added by Unity itself to help us Solo developers make games.   

Let me know if you’re using the new input system and on what project? 

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