Great Development Tools for Software Engineers
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • April 14, 2017


When you are starting your software engineering career or a veteran you can gain a lot from this list. These tools for the workflow that I have allows me to utilize my time and coding speeds to maximum efficiency. As a small business owner, I can see why everyone loves and wants these tools for themselves. So let’s dive into it.

Organization Tools


So for all that ask, I have broken the list down into two lists. One is an organization list and next is a coders dream. So the first tool I would love to tell you about is Trello which allows you to set goals and priority. These goals can be used for your current and future projects. The best part is that you can even use it for non-coding projects as well.
The way that I have used Trello is by using it for helping me come up with blog posts. I created a board for topics that are useful for all our fans. With the topics scribed to the board, I can then organized the ones that are most be done and which ones that should be done later on. After that, I have an editing list that I move the topic to while I start to edit the post. Lastly, the topic is placed on a list for scheduled and then my cycle happens all over again.
Next way that I use it for coding is very similar to the way I use it for the blog. However, the way it differs is by I have lists for Bugs, New Features, Working On, Testing and Done. The first list that is added anything to is the New Features list for all ideas that I toy around with or key features for updates. Next list Working for all ongoing features that are being worked on. Then the feature going to Testing and finally is Done. If a new problem arises then it’s placed in the Bugs list for now till it needs to be worked on.


Github, in my opinion, is a very underutilized tool for organization. When you are ready to push your code and need to label what you did and why it needs to be pushed. This is the moment that you can use your organization skills to give it a specific title and a brief description of all the work that was accomplished to get it done. This way you can showcase your skills as well as have handy backup references to look back on.
Here’s an example for some let’s say that your boss as you working on a notepad application and you have just finished the title part of it and now it’s time to push. However, you now don’t know what to put in the description for Github. This is the way I would get that done.

Title Feature For Notepad App.
Now users are able to add, remove, or edit their title for the note they have created.

This way your co-workers have a clear and amazing point or reference.

Blogging Platform

Surprising to a lot of people a blogging platform like WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger can help with organization and understanding what was done. Just like how I write to all you and inform you all about what is going on and what have learned about how to become better as a developer. This is where you would like to share those ideas and create posts about what things are you working on and set up goals for your projects. This way you have now keeping yourself going and motivated by the reader who is keeping track of your progress.

Coding Tools

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is always going to be the number one coding editor for one reason and one reason alone. It’s the end all be all of the coding editors. It has many languages built in. It can work in languages like HTML to PHP and JavaScript to Android. Then having GitHub integration is all always a plus for staying organized.


Postman is one of my favorite free applications that allows me to test features that send and receive data from my restful service. With this app, I can send dummy data to my local server and see what is happening to it when it arrives. This practice is very critical for me now that I have user data that is be sent from mobile, web and future projects.

Now that we have gone over some very helpful tools, why not share some of your own in the comment section below.

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