How to Promote your Game on Social
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • January 5, 2023


Using social to promote your game maybe very intimidating but if you start to do your homework and understand it become very easy. It will take time but if you use these tips then you will be able to conquer and/or level up your current social account.  

Gain Attention 

Attention is the name of the game! Seriously the one who has the attention of the people is the one who is winning. The attention that we are talking about is not just likes, thumbs up, and hearts. We are talking about true engagement. We want people to come by follow, sub and be part of journey. The way we get them to join us is by showing out. Yes, showing out, this is the act of going out there and getting your name out there. This can be done by leaving comments, answering questions and being a genuine person. Remember one of my favorite quotes, “you attract more fly with honey then vinegar”. 

Being Genuine 

There are many ways to be authentic but you have to your own truth. This means that when you comment or talk to someone you have to mean what you say and not just be like “Nice <insert generic thing>”. Instead of doing that why not just read the description and leave a comment based on what it says or answer the question many often leave in there. Or maybe you could help someone in the comment section by answering any of all questions that someone has left. This way you get to flex your expertise on the matter as well as help the account holder out with a question they may have missed. Which may lead to a future opportunity. 

There are also many ways to not be authentic and we have to talk about it so you know what to avoid doing. The biggest way to kill any chance of advancing your social expertise is by talking out your butt. What I mean is let’s say that you see a question about medicine and you’re a game developer with no knowledge of anything medicine like me. Yet, you are answering all these questions and pretending that you are the source for all medical question. This is called spreading misinformation and could lead to someone to death.  

This is an extreme case but I wanted to make the point that you have to know what you are talking about so that no one or devices don’t get hurt. Our mission is not to mislead anyone it to inform people with useful comments. This way we can help and not be part of the problem. 

Consistency is Key 

One thing that I believe everyone falls victim to is not being consistent. I not saying that taking a break is wrong, remember it’s always a good idea to take breaks. However, if you post one time a month, then you can’t complain that no one wants to come along with your journey. On top of that no will believe in your game because it looks like nothing is getting done. Which also can give a bad taste in your followers, subs mouths. Which no one wants that. 

Think about it if your favorite actor, singer, content creator stopped posting for a month without a word. How would you feel? You must get bored with their page and just forget about them maybe you may never see them again. It’s easy to be forgotten but it harder to get that attention. Which is why you must fight for those eyes and fight harder to keep them on you. The way you win is by keep consistent every if it is with a 10 sec video but you have to post and/or upload something. 

Get Featured 

The last and most important tip is by getting featured. Now I know what you’re going to say, “Why would they feature me?”. This is truly the worse mind state to have and you need to start saying that I have a reason to get featured. On top of that everyone is looking for a story and by story, I mean yours. Think about it everyone needs to make content and stay consistent but they are only so many stories out there. So even if it a small story or someone wanting to find the next gem and be like I was there at the ground floor. So, you have to come with a fire pitch and so them why you are the one that they are looking for. 

The Pitch 

When it comes to pitches it comes down to first thing and that is being genuine. You have to speak your truth and show them what you bring to the table. This can be what you do best or what the concept of your game is and why it stands out from the pack. As well as making sure that you have a killer press kit. Also make sure that your press kit is up to date and has no misspelling or has bad information in it.  

Now that your ready you must hit up with personalize messages for all podcast, blogs, or any other platform that you are reaching out to. Remember that whoever you are reaching out to make sure that you have done your homework and it aligns with your beliefs and your project/mission. You don’t want to reach out to a food blog talking about your game. This is the easier way to get a no and you may damage your reputation. It could also hurt your chances to get your game out to the right people. 

Is there anything that I miss or are you doing something different? Let me know in the comments below. 

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