Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox Review
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • February 25, 2016


Warning: This will have mild spoilers and if you don’t like 400 yr old spirit who like little boys. Then this anime is not for you.

So let us begin the review/impression of Kanokon. To start off I will give you a little background on the show. After that, I will talk about my opinions and finally if I would recommend the show to you.


The story is about is about Kouta Oyamada, who is a first-year high school student at Kunpo high school. He is a very innocent boy who just moved from the countryside to the big city. While leaving school after the first day during the rain he meets a beautiful second-year student by the name of Chizuru Minamoto. Then Chizuru asks Kouta to meet her in the music room of the school. Once there she confesses her love to him and by mistake reveals that she really is a Fox Spirit. Though out the show Chizuru openly flirts with him which cause him to completely be nervous about the situation. Later on, a wolf spirit comes to the school and her name is Nozomu Ezomori. Which she also confesses her undying love for Kouta which puts him in the middle of a love triangle. Neither girl wants to back down from him, which cause a lot of comedy and problems for Kouta.


Now time to review this anime. This anime is highly funny and very well written. However, it does have a lot of fan service and moments where you would just like them to get back to the story and skip the service. Then you realize that they need the fan service to farther illustrate the fact that Kouta is very innocent and Chizuru just want him to go all the way with her. Also sometimes Chizuru will get carried away and it does get a bit rapey at times. I want to let you know that she does take it a bit far from time to time. Even Nozomu goes that far also it only sometimes with her but it does happen. A big thing that I saw online was that this anime is creepy because of the love between a 400 yr spirit and a high school boy, but in my opinion, I didn’t find it weird. A lot of anime I watch is weird so I just don’t focus on the age thing too much. I am more invested in the story aspect of it. Which this show does very well. Especially when it comes down to the fight scenes and character development. We see how Kouta goes from being unable to express his feeling to having to chase Chizuru down and tell her how he truly feels. This anime is very good in my opinion. However, the ending was just okay. It ends with a joke and it’s like nothing changes between character relationship which I really disliked. I just wanted something more from the events that led up to the ending.

(Note: I haven’t seen the OVAs yet, so if something happened there that I don’t know about I’m sorry that I didn’t include it.)


I rate this anime an 8.5/10! The reasoning behind this is the fact that ending wasn’t much character development or any at all. There was too much fan service which didn’t add anything to the story. And lastly, I just wish there was more to be had then just about 12 episodes that rush the story along and gave a lot of stories but it feels like they cut out some study. Plus, they had a lot of plot holes that never got answered or brought up again. In conclusion, you should watch it but not own it. Just for the facts that I said previously and I don’t feel that it just up to the status of ownership.

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