What Does It Mean to Run a Business?
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • September 29, 2017


This question “What does it mean to run a business?”, This is a question that I hear a lot all over the internet. This is just the begin to a bigger thought process and questions you should start asking. In this entry, we will start discussing this question and start to dig deeper into what questions we should be asking ourselves. Maybe by the end of this, I can inspire more people to start businesses for themselves and become the boss that they always wanted to be.

What Does It Mean to Run a Business?

This very question to some seems very daunting and scary. However, it’s a very simple answer. It means to give 300% and all your time till this business can be set into autopilot. This may take years or months but if you want it then it will happen. The thing you must remember is that no matter what happens you must be focused and keep the course. This may resort to hardships and struggles but you must fight through it and use your own strategies to make the outcome better. The moment you quit fighting is the moment you will lose. So, continue to fight for what you love and you will succeed.

What Type of Hardships Do You Go Through?

Hardships are a huge part of a business. Especially in the initial stages of any business. Majority of the initial hardships that you will go through are finding ways to fund and market your business. These key components are what makes or breaks your business. Also, these keys will also be big steps to your business from opening to closing.

Later, the next hardships your business will be expanding. Some businesses will become stagnant and stale which will resort in loss of fans, customers, and more opportunities. This can also create a void of no return for some as it can ruin companies. Once you become stale you will become nonexistence to the people that made you. This is the worst that can happen to a business.

The last hardship is competition this will also be the hardest for businesses. Some owners will often ignore their competitors and stay focused on only what they have going on. This is only good in some situations but will sometimes lead to success but will lead to failures most of the time. In business, competitions are what help the industry that you are in evolve and grow. Which helps you remain relevant to the people who matter the most.

Are There Any Good Times?

In business, they’ll be many good times. These good times will become your motivation for more moments like the last. These moments will craft you as well as the hardships. They will make you strong and more resilient to the harder times you will ever go through. So, make sure to wear everything you earned on your sleeve because you have earned it.

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