World Def’er Update #2
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • April 7, 2017


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the second update for my game World Def’er. It’s been quite a while since the last update so let me get you up to speed.

What is World Def’er?

World Def’er is a mobile game where you must embark on a journey to save the planet from evil invaders. Their duty is to conquer the very planet we know and love. So now it’s your job to suit up and travel to galaxy unseen to fight back against these threats. If you want a little deeper insight about where it started why not go check out

New features

Now I’m currently integrating my custom Restful API to collect and send user data. This is feature will allow the player to have complete flexibility by having all achievement support, leaderboard, and save data collected through the website sign in. Mostly this is just so you all have easier access to your data when needed the most.

Also, I am going to be adding unique unlockables with different game save data from our games. This feature is still in a working mode so we are trying to come up with good ideas for you all to get the most out of your games. If you do have some ideas please free feel to tell us what you would be able to unlock or earn.

Next feature we are working on is adding stats to different unlockable ships. These ships have some challenges to have ships to be unlocked. Some of our ships can all be unlocked by score challenges. So be sure to bring your A game to the party to ensure that you can unlock all ships.

How will it be monetized?

For all that are wondering how will the game be monetized, allow me to answer it simply. I don’t support in-game purchases! This game is going to use a reward ad system that will not affect gameplay or your enjoyment. The way the reward ads will work is after you waste your 3 default lives you will be able to gain one extra life by watch an ad. This will allow you to get one more chance to top your friends on the leaderboard.

Now that you all know what we’re working on, why not let us know how you feel about World Def’er!

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