Why I Bought a MacBook!
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • February 24, 2017


To many, this may be the biggest shocker but I bought an Apple MacBook! It’s a used one but it has been done. I purchased it with good intentions and it was a matter of time until I had to pick one up.  

Why the Change of Heart?

For all that don’t know I hate Apple. It to me is the worst company in the world. They are a bunch of rip-off artist by selling you the same PC with minor upgrades for 3 to 4 times the price. However, it doesn’t stop there they also charge a premium to get your software in their device as they try to corner the market.

So for all that aren’t aware I am a full fledged developer who works on a social media site. Also, I’m a Microsoft user! I love my beast of a PC but recently we discovered that windows have been changing permissions on to our core and crucial files. Then I’m getting ready to release my app but I want to get the iOS version up in time with the Android version. Which I need a Mac to work on. So now here we are.

Are You Leaving Windows?

Never, I love my bugging and sometimes pain in my ass Windows. As much as right now I’m working on my Mac I’m will and forever me a Windows guy. I just need to take time and get to understand my MacBook and see if it’s the workhorse I need and what can I do with it.

My Windows is my life and wouldn’t be replaced. I built that bad boy all myself and it means the world to me. However, due to my current living arrangements and work my MacBook is going to be my daily driver for a little while.

What Do You Think About the MacBook So Far?

As of now, it’s fine still not my cup of tea. Some features I don’t think I could live without and there are some that I just can’t stand. Before I go into detail keep in mind that these are my opinions ad they may differ from yours.

The Good

The good thing about it is that so far it’s been pretty fast and responsive for developing. Plus the support for both Android and iOS is a huge advantage for me. Another reason I pick this bad boy up was for the fact that I have more control over Linux base devices like my raspberry pi for developing and just SSH support more than I had with my PC.

The Bad

Now for the bad, I have to say that the brand and rep is the biggest downside to owning the MacBook pro. After all this time I have to say that if IOS support was on PC I wouldn’t have even thought of even getting one at all. Lastly, the worse part is that Apple likes to disable Apple ID support without telling me, so thinking about buying something in the app store is questionable.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would have to say that the MacBook is starting to grow on me. I still wouldn’t make it my main driver anytime soon but if I have it with me I would work on it a bit more than my PC. Maybe if I spend some more time with MacBook pro I will come back to this and give it another shot to become my main driver but for now, it’s okay. Not bad but okay.


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