Why Is Marketing So Effective?
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • March 5, 2018


Why marketing is so effective because it’s the bloodline of your business. I would say that it’s more important than the customers themselves. The reason for this is twofold. First is that without marketing customers won’t know what you have to offer or who you are. Secondly is that marketing allows you to continually attract new and future customers to your business. Now, why not we dive deeper into these topics.

Marketing to Existing Customers

The reason we must and need to market to our current customers is to add value to their lives. If your post is all about helping them complete their dream goals, then why not share that info? This will allow you to earn the trust of your fans and continue the help train. This creates a community of like-minded people who can and willing to help you when you get lost and/or stuck on a project. Trust me this has happened to me and I was so glad that I had someone to help me out when needed.

Plus, the bonus of marketing to your existing customers is that you get to keep everyone updated with additional information. Especially for the people who may have forgotten about you or have been searching for the information that they needed, and you solved. This really could save someone some serious time and headache.

Why Market to New Customers

A lot can be said about marketing to the new customer and how we can do that very thing. However, I will dive in greater depth later. Right now, I think that we talk about the benefits of marketing to new or future customers. So, let’s get down to business… to get new leads (Sorry for the bad joke). Marketing new customers are the key to expanding and growing your business. Without growing your business can lead to the death of your business.

Getting new customer can get more people interested in the products you make and increase your brand awareness. As well as bringing sponsors and money to fund the next project and the next. Allowing you to reach the success of the Fortune 100s.

Now that we know about the effectiveness of marketing your new and existing customers. Why not tell us how you’re marketing your new and/or existing customers?

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