Failure is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

So when I was growing up I wanted to be a entrepreneur and there was a specific ad that I was addicted to. It seemed to speak to me on a deeper basis. I was so crazy about the ad that it made me place my faith and admiration for the person that they were advertising.

If you can’t guess what type of ad would have this type of power over me. The ad that I am talking about is a NBA ad that showcases the heart and drive of an entrepreneur no matter what business you are in. After you see the ad everything will start making more sense to you.

The reason that this ad is so relevant to the life of an entrepreneur is for one reason and one reason alone. No matter how many times you fall, fail, or strike out YOU MUST GET UP! You must be willing to fail to teach yourself a better way of working, creating, or just living. You must be ill prepared to learn like the old days where all you had was common sense and no map. These are survival skills and what it means to be a true entrepreneur. This is what showcases your war scars and the passion you have for being the best that you can be.

So do yourself the favor, go out there and fail, fall, and strike out. Do it right now, I’m serious! Just remember one thing that when you fall and everything is at its darkest. As the world is there screaming and saying quit. Please get up and get back at it. This will show the world your determination and willingness to fight. They can try all they want to stop you but passion and determination will keep you in the game and wanting more. This will make you the greatest person and entrepreneur ever. So again GO OUT AND FAIL!

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