PlayerCade Update #1

Time to update you all on the status of the game. I have been meaning to write this for a while now just haven’t have the time to till now (Last Update). The game is going well except for the fact that there’s a glitch with the mobile touch ui buttons. It works when it wants to so I have to fix that and add a bit of unlock able content to the game. I have a ideas what I’m going to add for unlock able content but I will reveal that later on in the development cycle.

So I think it’s time to give you a run down of what the game is like and core mechanics. PlayerCade has a new name and it now called World Def’er. World Def’er is a top down galaxy space shooter. Your mission in the game is to defend the world from an ongoing invasion of foreign ships. Currently the game has two modes of play with some coming soon. First is story mode which I’m still developing so I don’t have much to talk about yet. Then there is endless mode which is what it sounds like. You go round to round fighting off the world’s worst invading ships. In this mode you have been called on by the president to man your ship and join in the fight to rid the world of these no gooders. All the while trying to become the man or woman of legendary status. After every round you can head to the shop and purchase upgrades or ships. All in the pursuit of our world peace.

Now that story is down, let’s talk about endless mode. This is where you compete against all your fellow world defenders in a friendly competition where every kill gives you points and the more you kill they will give score multipliers but only to very skilled defenders. For the defenders that you battle against we have two sets of leader boards they are friends and global defenders. This can spark a rivalry or inspire you to take on the world.

With all the said I have to get back to work. Later on I will post a test video of actual game play for you all to take a look at in the coming weeks. I just really want to get the touch ui fixed first. Also I just want to thank you all for your support and love over the last year it means a lot to me. I will go in detail later on in a separate post.

See ya. Peace… !!

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