Is Blogging Truly Dead?
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • June 16, 2017


Blogging in this day and age can be a bit scary due to the fact that more and more video blogging site like YouTube is taking over. Which can seem like the traditional blog is dead. However, despite this, I believe that it still alive. So let’s get into it.

What is Keeping Blogs Alive?

The Reader, Fans, and Subscribers

Many things and reason can be attributed to the life of blogs. So just keep in mind that “I don’t have all the answers Sway” but I do have some idea of what keeps them going. So one of the biggest reason that is keeping blogs alive is you, the reader. This is highly overlooked when thinking about the blog. As long as people are willing and able to search for the information. This will allows and empower us to continue to work on articles that you all want.


I know that sponsorships and ad have been a dirty word for a couple years now. However, I would have to just be honest with you all. The profits are what keep the business going. This also allows the blogger to create better content. If you want to go deeper into this topic check out “Are Sponsorships Really That Bad?“. Sponsors are just a small part of what keeps your favorite blogger funded enough to continue operation.

Compelling Content

This is the second most important thing that a blogger can have. This only comes second to the readers. Some may believe that compelling content should be first to attach the reader which is true. However, if you write it with no readers than what is the point. The definition of compelling content is dependant on your blogging style, topics, and readership. Remember to keep that in mind when writing.

Just to recap just a bit we need a strong balance of the what I call the “Trinity of Blogging”. The Trinity is made up of your readers, compelling content, and sponsors. Without any of the Trinity of blogging you will start to the true dead of traditional blogging. Just like the problem that plagued “EveryDay Feminism“. Which almost cost them their business due to the lack of funding. So make sure that you keep up with all three pillars of the Trinity of Blogging.

So why not tell us what you’re doing to keep up with the Trinity of Blogging?

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