How to Create Jaw-Dropping Blog Post

Steven Ghost Rivera

January 20, 2017 - Business

Creating jaw-dropping blog post is what some would call a work of art. It takes patience, determination and practice. I really do mean practice and tons of it. Just like the Romans, it can’t be built in just one day.  


The best tip is just to write! Start by getting a journal or diary and start blogging about your day. This is usually everyone’s first steps to understanding their writing styles and shortcomings. This also helps get you comfortable with being able to pick a topic and just run with it.

Tools of the Trade

When trying to create your very own blog post I will recommend a couple free tools to make this as seamless as possible.

  • Trello – this software I learned about when I began working at my current job. At first, it seemed like a simple to-do list app and then as I began to dive deeper into Trello I starting to see more. I begin my blogging journey with first entering blog brainstorming topics and add them to my list. I move the one I am starting to work on to “Working”. After that, I then complete down the list until it’s edited and finally scheduled. This allows me to stay organized and time efficient.
  • Microsoft Word – one of the most used and most reliable pieces of software ever created. Microsoft Word is the first part of my puzzle which is where I create all my drafts and styling for my blog post.
  • Google Translate – this tool I starting using a long time along with my essay writing homework. I’m still using it today to help me edit these very post. The way I use it very simple. I start writing my post as a super rough draft. After I got it all done, I copy and paste it into Google Translate and have it read it back to me. This is the moment I will find all punctuation errors. Also, it spots the flowing errors as you will miss them as you read it as you want it to read.
  • Grammarly – this is a tool that I have just started using. One of my co-workers who struggles from time to time with his English told me about Grammarly. Now I can’t see me living without it. The way I use this one is after bring it from Google translate I use Grammarly to check for all grammar errors. This could range from simple spelling to grammatical mistakes. Even the in-app editor allows for easy access to checking on how I can improve my post further.

Some More Useful Tips

One of the best tips anyone can give you is very simple and no one likes to do it but it’s powerful. This skill allows you to learn how to capture your reader and get them invested in your work. The skill that I’m thinking about is reading. Reading is one skill that helps you get better at what you write. Without it, you wouldn’t know how to formulate your thought into words.

So now that you know how powerful reading is what books are you planning on reading?

Please tell me in the comment section below. See ya later!

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