A New Beginning

Steven Ghost Rivera

February 23, 2011 - Youtube

It’s time for a new beginning after the small hiatus from the HOVakaGOD and I return with the GhostszMusic. This channel is all about creating a place where gaming and entertainment can live in harmony. I truly want to create highest quality videos for you all, the fans.

GhostszMusic has all types of content for many types of people. I will go over the content shortly but first I would like to discuss why I migrated to this channel. This channel is a place for me to create and craft my brand. This means that I can fully tailor my content and games for you all. So hopefully you do find enjoyment in the GhostszMusic brand.


GhostszTalk is a talk show that I created to have discussions about gaming and the industry. This show is all about us the gamers for the gamers. This show is truly here to educate the customers about some practices that plague our industry like my “Special Edition Games, Do We Need Them?” video. Which help guide our industry to a bigger and better place.

Game Dev Diary

In my Gaming Dev Diary, I give you a behind the scene view of current game projects or things I am working on. In some of these videos, I show some features that are causing crazy glitches like my “Side Project: Unity Car Racer Game” video. I am working to become a greater developer and with this series and your help we can grow the GhostszMusic brand to be unstoppable.

Now that I have gone over the content of this channel I hope you all will join us and become a subscriber. Without your subscription, I won’t be able to bring you these high-quality videos or become a better developer. So make sure to smash that sub button for weekly content.

My site: https://ghostszmusic.com


[Here are some way to support the show]

Shop on Amazon US: http://bit.ly/GhostAmazon


[Social Media]

Like me on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18ZHWs9

Follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1htagbM

Instagram: @GhostszMusic

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