Why I Fell Out of Love with Pokémon Go

Steven Ghost Rivera

September 30, 2016 - Gaming

Why I fell out of Love with Pokémon Go is simple but It’s a lot deeper than what some may believe. So first let us go back to the beginning of why I fell in love with this game in the first place.

The Beginning

In the beginning Pokémon was a small gem that seem to get people off the couch and hitting the road to Catch ‘em all. This was genus as it was completely easy and fun to travel to neighborhoods and place to see what Pokémon are there. Catching Pokémon was also fun and a cool little mini game. Which made me want to play and engage more with it. I really wanted to a Pokémon Master and to me this was the way to do it.

However, Niantic the company who created the app seemed to become greedy in my opinion. After the first couple month, when the game peaked in the market place, the game became to showcase their true intentions.

What When Wrong?

As I stated once the app peaked things started to go crazy. It seemed like that they became money hungry. Niantic started tweaking capture rates which made me sinking 10s of my Pokéballs to capture low level Pokémon just to have them run away from me. This them become a problem when I then am force to the shop to buy more Pokéballs or just grind at stops. Which means you miss out on Pokémon that pop up because you are out of Pokéballs.

Another big problem is the way they treated people who wanted to track Pokémon locations or spawn locations. They claimed that it was cheating and was slowing down servers. However, the reason everyone flocked to site like these were due to the fact that the in game tracking system was not useful and pointless with every update. Once they sent cease and desist letter to every site they then strip down the system even further to the point that it doesn’t reason do anything other than show what Pokémon is around. Which kills emersion and any fun in finding anything.

Why I Slowly Stopped Playing

After all this I still wanted to play the game and have a fun time with my family as we tried to be the very best. However, one thing kept coming to mind and that was this isn’t Pokémon and this isn’t want I want. To me (a big Nintendo fan) this was a giant waste of potential and time. When I first started like you read I wanted to be a Pokémon Master and I still do. But Niantic doesn’t understand this and I guess they may never will.

I want the game to be like the spirit of the original game series that I know and love. I want to go out into a world and travel while making friends and experiences that will change my life. I want to be able to trade, track and collect all 150 of the original Pokémon with no hassles. I don’t want to feel forced to spend money on in game money with little way to earn it back on Pokéballs. I don’t want to be limited and force into an experience. I just want to have fun and Pokémon Go just doesn’t offer that anymore.

What do you think? Please feel free to share your feelings in the comment section below.

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