The Future of GhostszMusic
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    By Steven Ghost Rivera

  • March 26, 2020


First of all I would like to apologize to all of our fans, friends, family and supporters for being silent for the last couple months but in the background I have been trying to get some major things done. We will be discussing and talking about what is the plan going forward.So with no further adieu let’s get into it!

What’s the current plan?

Right now the plan is to get the Restful api up and running to completely support any and all future projects. Currently I have some of it done like login and get high score data from the cloud. The previous restful api work had to be scrapped due to a huge security flaw that I discovered while testing locally. The flaw had to do with data leaks and it was possible to access the data outside of the app and database. Which is a complete huge problem but the new code I wrote has addressed all the issues that we saw during testing.

Devlogs and More Tutorials

Next we are going to be stepping up our Media and Content output. This means that Devlog and tutorials are coming very soon. I will be creating tutorials on WordPress, Game Development and Restful Api projects. These tutorials will not be the sites but I will be using these projects for a local system and to improve on some of my outdated code. I Hope you all are excited and ready!

With the Devlogs I will produce these weekly to showcase where the current project is at. Then once we are in a slowdown or no process is made then the tutorial will take the slot of the Devlog. Right now I don’t have a schedule for the content but I will let you know when it will be and what’s to come.

Plan for Written Content

Written content is a huge part of this plan but it is also hard to find time to create it. However, we will be creating written content to accompany all media we are creating. This way we can give you a real reason to get on the website before the new features are unveiled. I will not talk about those right now but very soon when we get closer to that time I will go into more details. Written Content will also be produced for all major milestones in development and/or update to all existing and/or future projects and products. Lastly I would like to create written content with small tutorials on some things I have learned or something that may be helpful. So as I said before big things are coming stay tuned!

Has World Def’er Been Canceled?

I have heard this alot over and over. I would like to put it to rest and say no! The issue that is not allowing me to release is the restful api stuff and getting save data to google play services. Once these are figured out and tested we will be releasing it. I know that you all are excited and so are we, this is why we are working around the clock to figure these issues out as quickly as possible. Plus I would like to see the reactions to the last 5 years of hard work that has been done.

Over the next couple weeks I will be working on creating some more unlockable ships. Maybe I will live stream this on my Twitch and Youtube. I also want to do some work improving and better designing the UI elements of World Def’er right now they look like placeholders. PLus it also seems to be lacking a sense of coherence. So there will be plenty of content for you all coming soon. Until then you could check the latest World Def’er post. 

So for now I hope this can tie you over as I am working on some new content for you all! See you soon!

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